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Rethink Intelligence is the sister company of Rethink Resource, Canada’s most comprehensive and environmentally friendly waste management organization. Finding innovative solutions to complex waste challenges, Rethink helps clients be both environmentally and fiscally sustainable, by diverting waste from landfill and contributing to a circular economy. Rethink is data-driven and provides customized and real-time diversion reports for all clients, allowing them to show the impact they are making as stewards of the environment.

Current Rethink operations tracks over 20 data points at the source by entering values pertinent to waste collected into a proprietary app. These values generate diversion reports, which are provided back to clients. Once data is entered for any location, invoices are automatically generated via API connection to payment softwares, creating a seamless point of service to receipt process.


By leveraging data points from the waste management process as a whole, Rethink Intelligence creates innovative solutions in order to further address food waste and landfill mitigation.

The food waste mitigation industry is valued at $50 billion in the United States, and opportunities lie in monetizing real-time data at source relevant to food waste, giving clients the ability to implement cost-saving programs and reduce their negative environmental impacts.

Rethink Intelligence's AI computer-vision waste scanning system (above), retrieves multiple data points for all items scanned, packaged or unpackaged. The information retrieved from the process can direct offset programs, as well as parsed into trends for management to enact operational changes.

Tracking environmental impacts using real time data and AI

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